Meet Grant.


My wife and I moved to the Westmount / Bayridge community of West Vancouver in 1998, and we have loved living here and have raised 5 kids in this great community.

I have had the privilege of growing up in sport and managed to work my way on to the ATPTOUR from 1985-1997. After my tennis career, I became a full-time Realtor which I have enjoyed now for close to 20 years.

The past 4 years of the pandemic and all the challenges and sadness that it brought touched everyone, and right at the time that Covid hit, I suffered a significant stroke while jogging around the Stanley Park seawall. Although it damaged my left side, I’m so grateful that it didn’t damage my cognitive abilities. At this juncture in life, I have learned even more reasons to love this community and all my friends and clients who stuck with me during my lengthy healing process.

I’m especially grateful to be a part of Eric Christiansen’s quality team of Realtors at Bellevue Realty Group. We are a group of dedicated Realtors working as individuals but also collectively making BRG a name people equate with excellence, quality and with any luck, fun. If you take a look through my sold properties, one will see I’m just as comfortable selling apartments as I am large estates.

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